Unique Venues in Hossegor for Beach Lovers

Hossegor’s central beach is known as France’s laid back surfing capital with a long stretch of beautiful coast and many diverse surf spots to suit every skill level – from beginner-friendly peaks for novice surfers to competitive barrels such as La Graviere that have put Hossegor on the competition surfing map, there is something here for everyone!

1. Hossegor’s Central Beach

Hossegor’s Central Beach is one of its most beloved spots, making it an excellent option for families with young children. Boasting lifeguards on duty and offering safe swimming conditions during season, you can also rent equipment on this naturist beach and experience its welcoming environment in this Atlantic coast region often called Europe’s Surfing Capital.

A trench (known in French as ‘le Gouf’) that cuts across the coast helps focus the waves here, making this site renowned surfing spots worldwide. Every year the Rip Curl Pro event takes place here as well. Beachgoers, sunbathers and those seeking relaxation at seaside also appreciate this gorgeous area.

Plage Centrale furnished holiday rentals are conveniently situated close to this renowned beach, ocean, saltwater lake and other attractions of this scenic seaside resort. Our selection of properties includes studios through three bedroom villas equipped with all modern amenities.

Hossegor and Seignosse spots continue to offer excellent surf well into autumn when low-pressure systems form in the North Atlantic and send waves directly onto France’s beachbreaks, sending swell right up into wintertime surf conditions. You can surf all year-round here if conditions allow; just check conditions first before entering the water!

2. Capbreton’s Notre-Dame Beach

Notre-Dame Beach in Capbreton beach resort is renowned for its gorgeous stretch of sand. Amenities offered here include toilets, showers, beach club membership, surf school lessons and lessons, snack bar service, tea room access as well as lifeguard service provided during July and August months with daily bathing water quality monitoring.

One of the best beaches for families with young children, as it is both quiet and safe. Its crystal blue water and golden sand offer the ideal place for relaxation in the sunshine while offering activities such as swimming, surfing and beach volleyball.

Surfers find this unique location an ideal spot, as its waves provide some of the largest waves in Europe. These waves are influenced by Gouf – an immense underwater canyon which extends far deeper than Colorado’s Grand Canyon!

The beach offers an ideal setting for snorkeling and diving due to its vibrant marine life, including various species of fish, shells, and seaweed. Beginner surfers don’t worry; lessons at any one of the local surf schools will teach them the ropes in no time!

3. Pedebert’s Capbreton Estacade

L’ile de Capbreton is the heart of Hossegor and boasts the world’s highest concentration of surfers. The district features an upbeat yet convivial vibe where people come together to discover the ocean, surf culture and its many spots of unique interest. Visitors have steadily been increasing due to the abundance of clothing stores selling surf gear, cafes offering drinks during sunset hours and restaurants offering local fare.

Visitors have exclusive access to this region’s beaches, particularly those known as “Culs Nus” beach – four kilometres of marine surface is attracted by visitors – especially during the peak summer season when surfers from Graviera and South frequent it.

Some kilometers prior to leaving Hossegor, you will be invited to stop for a break at a small village on its outskirts. Arret was chosen due to its central position within both forest and dunes; furthermore, cycling routes lead directly towards its estacade.

Hossegor, Seignosse and Cap Breton >> form an idyllic region for surfers of all levels to experience an immersive surfing experience. Boasting over 106 kilometers of white-sand beaches and distinctive dunes that stretch towards the Ocean make this destination a living museum of sorts.

4. Hossegor’s Pedebert Beach

Hossegor’s coastline provides two very distinct experiences to satisfy beach enthusiasts: On one side of the ocean you can challenge its power through surfing; whereas its lake offers quiet waters ideal for family outings and recreational activities.

Pedebert Beach is one of the most beloved and centrally located beaches in the region, thanks to its spacious sandbank that can easily be reached by car and its close proximity. Plus, this beach hosts many restaurants and cafes which draw in tourists from all around the globe!

Beachcombers of all kinds will find something to enjoy at this stunning beach: from solo travelers looking for peace and relaxation, families with young children or surfers. Among its most crowded summertime beaches is one offering windsurfing, jet-ski rides and boat tours among many other activities.

Every year, the WSL Quicksilver Pro hosts its annual competition – an enormous and heavy shorebreak perfect for professional surfers!

Plage du Pedebert Sud is an idyllic naturist beach situated nearby this iconic surfing spot, protected by a dune cordon and perfect for all audiences including children. Surfers looking to avoid the crowds of WSL Quicksilver Pro but still enjoy good waves should try Plage du Pedebert South instead.

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