A Guide to Hossegor Weddings

Hossegor offers an abundance of beautiful beaches that attract northerly winter swells, such as Seignosse and Les Estagnots which feature challenging beachbreaks with hollow, fast waves.

Paddle fit surfers seeking epic thrills on death-defying tubes and shifting sandbanks should consider these waves for paddle fit surfing.

1. The Beach

Hossegor is famed for its beautiful waters and shorelines, including Graviere and La Nord beach breaks – among many others – located nearby in Capbreton and Seignosse. Additionally, this charming coastal town boasts an exquisite marine lake, an excellent golf course, cafes, restaurants, hotels, all nestled into lush pine forests.

Surfers from all over the world flock here because surfing reigns supreme here – not only professional surfers with barreling waves can find waves here; there are beginner friendly breaks as well as world renowned surf schools.

Hossegor’s beaches are at their prime from July to August when sunbathers, surf schools and waves suitable for beginners are abundant at spots like La Sud. Even during storm swells from November to April, Hossegor offers its own brand of surf that features fun peaks that can become quite powerful on certain days.

2. The Lake

Hossegor may be known for its beaches, but there’s much more to the region than just that. A visit to France’s Landes coast will reveal an altogether more tranquil side – complete with pristine lakes that serve as a relaxing haven from city life – making Hossegor an ideal location for destination weddings.

This elegant seaside town on the Landes coast offers daydreamers and relaxation a luxurious place. Nestled between ocean sand dunes and lake shore, its locals will welcome you with enthusiasm. Hydrangeas and pine trees surround villas and hotels on this shore that feature Basco-Landes architecture; its combination of modern techniques with traditional regional architecture will transport you back in time.

On this magical day, the couple shared it with close family and friends at an idyllic spot on a dune. A celebration honoring nature and living an independent life provided an incredible moment of pure love.

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3. The Restaurant

Hossegor Beach offered the perfect setting to say their “I do’s.” With no distractions or restrictions and a sense of freedom in abundance, they decided on this Magic Dune location for their special ceremony.

Hossegor’s town centre offers French bakeries, artisanal stores and surf brands like Billabong and Quicksilver – great places for trying ocean and travel-inspired cuisine like pan-fried eels with parsley or pike perch escalopes!

Apart from its restaurant, Seignosse’s forest covers an area of 2.500 hectares and offers many wildlife species. You’ll also be able to hike or bike through some 40km of marked paths – making for the ideal setting for romantic outdoor photos or artistic portraits of you and your fiance!

4. The Venue

Surf culture runs deep here, mixed with French cool and California sunshine – creating the ideal blend for being thrilled by surfing. To experience it all at its best, the optimal time to visit is between Novembers to April when swells are large and consistent – although there are great spots all year round that offer something more laid back if that’s what you seek.

The area boasts hotels and hostels to suit any budget, from ultra-cheap to luxurious accommodations. There’s also an industrial zone housing all of the big surfing brands for additional shopping and events to attend.

Not only is the region famous for its surfing, but it is also home to picturesque forests and mountains surrounded by endless rolling hills and wide open spaces offering some of the most breathtaking views in France. There are numerous bike trails winding their way through pine forests and sandy beaches alike – offering endless cycling enjoyment!

Locals are friendly and hospitable towards visitors, making it easy to feel right at home here. Even if surfing isn’t your forte, there are still plenty of activities for non-surfers in the area including golf courses with some of Europe’s premier courses as well as horseback riding and windsurfing and kayaking as water sports options. Or why not hit up one of the beach bars to witness some of the world’s greatest surfers compete during the Quiksilver Pro?

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