Real Couples Who Tied the Knot at the Beach

Producers interviewed 1,000 couples as part of their casting process and had to exclude those whose mental or emotional wellbeing may be put at risk by participating in such therapy sessions. It can be hard being vulnerable in front of strangers.

However, an Island and Wave can find it challenging to come together despite feeling magnetic attraction for each other, since waves require space while islands need connection.

1. A Surf-Loving Couple Gets Married in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are an idyllic tropical oasis boasting miles of white-sand beaches and clear blue waters. Get married beneath its beautiful palm trees and tropical blooms which form its breathtaking scenery.

Islanders fear the demands and responsibilities associated with intimacy while waves crave connection – yet both parties can find ways to relate “anchoredly”, without experiencing feelings of fear, repulsion and separation.

Avoid tourist season (from mid-December to April) and hurricane season (which varies based on location). Winter and fall rates offer lower costs.

2. A Surf-Loving Couple Gets Married in Hawaii

Born and raised on Hawaii, Kai quickly found himself immersed in nature and immersing himself in surfing – something which would become his life-long passion! When Kai and Molly decided to tie the knot, it only seemed fitting for their ceremony to take place here on an island which has come to represent home for both.

Surf fans have been holding their collective breath, hoping that Kelly Slater and Gisele Bundchen would reunite soon. But it appears the couple may now have taken another surprising turn; hiring divorce lawyers. With each new turn comes more hope for reconciliation.

3. A Surf-Loving Couple Gets Married in California

Jesse and Kelly are passionate surfers, and enjoy spending their free time at the beach soaking up sunrays while surfing waves. When planning their wedding, they knew they wanted an adventurous yet romantic destination as their destination of choice.

Bali provided the ideal setting for their intimate celebration. They rented a villa near Uluwatu that overlooked one of Bali’s renowned surfing spots – Impossibles – while Mother Nature took care of everything else – the results were magnificent!

4. A Surf-Loving Couple Gets Married in the Bahamas

Couple embraced their playful side for an engaging engagement shoot! Posing with a vintage truck that perfectly reflected their wedding’s autumn-themed celebration.

When to Wed: For weddings, spring and autumn are usually ideal; temperatures tend to be milder and crowds smaller. High season runs from mid-December through Easter; humidity peaks during summer with hurricanes often appearing between June and November; tourist season peaks during March/April; be prepared for plenty of rainfall year-round!

5. A Surf-Loving Couple Gets Married in Hawaii

Jeremy surprised Amanda by inviting her to Riverside Park for a picnic and proposing! After they finished eating, he pulled out his engagement ring and got down on one knee!

Surf fans have been on an emotional roller coaster ever since news that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen each retained attorneys for a divorce was reported. At first, many speculated on a possible reunion between Bundchen and world’s greatest surfer Kelly Slater (they dated from 2005-2006), whom Kelly Slater previously dated from 2005 through 2006.

This couple wanted their wedding to reflect both their surfing lifestyle and Hawaii itself! I was honored to capture every special moment on film for them on this memorable day!

6. A Surf-Loving Couple Gets Married in California

What results when two surf enthusiasts plan a beach wedding? A breathtaking and unforgettable celebration, truly reflective of both individuals.

Jeremy pulled Amanda away from her daily life for an intimate engagement shoot in Riverside Park near their home. At one point Jeremy got down on one knee.

Opting for the ideal backdrop is essential when taking wedding photographs, as plain old beaches can quickly become tedious and uncomfortable for everyone – such as Grandma. Look for locations with awesome rock formations, trees or other interesting features as a better backdrop.

7. A Surf-Loving Couple Gets Married in the Bahamas

Discover a peaceful Caribbean island encircled by one of the world’s largest coral reef systems, where surf-lovers and nature enthusiasts alike will find peace away from tourist crowds.

When to Wed: For maximum wedding affordability, high season runs between mid-December and April; however, autumn or winter ceremonies (when temperatures can dip into the 70s) offer lower costs and should be considered alternatives to hurricane season which occurs from June until November.

8. A Surf-Loving Couple Gets Married in Hawaii

Hawaiian weddings were an ideal fit for this Oregon couple’s laidback lifestyle and decor was earthy + organic – both qualities they valued highly in their big day celebration.

Surf fans were lighting candles en masse and placing them on windowsills, in hopes that Kelly Slater/Gisele Bundchen might meet again and form one of surfing history’s greatest power couples. Their relationship spanned 2005 – 2006; an unprecedented momentous event.

But alas, it was not to be. Unfortunately, they have since parted ways, leaving us hoping for their return in future.

9. A Surf-Loving Couple Gets Married in California

An idyllic beach setting makes the ideal setting for an engagement photo session, and by including rock formations and a lighthouse you have created an unforgettable image.

Jeremy recruited the help of his friend to capture the moment when he asked Amanda to marry him. He lured her out of the water onto the sand for some picnicking before proposing.

Be prepared for unexpected beach weather conditions – even on sunny days, fog can appear quickly! Have an alternate plan ready if a sudden fog settles over you. Plan to be on the beach an hour or so before sunset to capture soft, romantic images.

10. A Surf-Loving Couple Gets Married in the Bahamas

Jeremy got Amanda to pose for this wonderful photo at Riverside Park in Charleston using her lifeguard shirt as the background. With its dramatic waves and changing autumn leaves, this photo looks anything but corny.

Waves seek intimacy, but often behave in ways that push their partners away out of fear. Waves can learn an “anchored” form of communication that requires mutuality, equality and an awareness of each other’s needs – this type of relationship is at the heart of successful marriages. NPR’s science team has conducted extensive research into all sorts of waves – gravitational as well as seismic waves.

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