Beach Break Weddings – Discover the Romance of New Zealand’s Coastal Spots

Setting out to find your ideal beach wedding location starts with envisioning how you want the day to unfold, considering factors like atmosphere, climate and any legal requirements that must be fulfilled.

Hokitika was established during New Zealand’s gold rush of the 1860s, and remains a charming town today surrounded by breathtaking New Zealand landscape. Hokitika is famous for its Blue Spring which boasts crystal-clear water so pure that it provides up to 70% of all bottled water in New Zealand.

Cape Kidnappers

Cape Kidnappers stands out as an unforgettable destination, thanks to its world-class golf course, wildlife sanctuary, pristine beach and some of the most stunning sea views anywhere. Secluded yet conveniently located within Hawke’s Bay wine country, it provides the ideal setting for romantic escapes or family trips alike.

Cape Reinga’s stunning sandstone headland offers an extraordinary sight, featuring over 20,000 nesting gannets teeming in serried rows on its sandstone headland. Situated only an easy drive away from Napier, this remarkable spot hosts one of the world’s largest and most accessible mainland gannet colonies – from September through early April visitors can observe these breathtaking birds taking flight or diving for fish!

Cape Kidnappers boasts an exquisite beach with dramatic coastal cliffs that have made this site one of the top hiking destinations. Exploring this coastline is both breathtaking and challenging; yet its views from this cape more than make up for any potential difficulty.

Set on 6,000 acres of stunning pasture-land, The Farm at Cape Kidnappers provides 5 star luxury lodge accommodation. Its cluster of luxury lodge buildings resemble a working farm with exquisite design features like river stone and weathered wood combine with luxurious modern furnishings for an experience like no other. A variety of accommodation suites are also available including the Owner’s Cottage which serves as an exclusive retreat away from the main lodge.

Ohope Beach

Ohope Beach epitomises New Zealand’s ideal beach holiday. Boasting a kilometre-long sandy beach, calm harbour, and breathtaking sunset views, Ohope is one of the safest beaches in New Zealand – popular among both locals and visitors. Relax here while unwinding with family or friends while taking in meadows close by, rolling hills in the distance, and the peaceful sea creating a soothing view that soothes both body and mind alike.

West Coast beaches boast stunning black sand beaches that attract surfers of all levels, while its west end attracts bodyboarders as well. Salt Spray Surf School offers lessons for beginners to experienced surfers on its west end beach. Boogie boarding lessons for children are also popular here and anyone can easily learn.

Ohope’s picturesque coastline may take your breath away, but its bustling town of Ohope offers much to see and do too. A laid back beach town, Ohope offers various accommodation options like homestays, holiday parks and bed and breakfasts – for something extra luxurious try booking into Beachpoint Apartments, featuring an onsite hot tub offering breathtaking views of both beachfront and surrounding coastline – ideal for couples, families or groups of travellers alike.

Slope Point

At Slope Point in New Zealand’s southernmost tip lies an idyllic stretch of coastline offering panoramic ocean and rugged cliff views. Additionally, this unusual corner features some bizarre natural phenomena: Crooked Trees! As cold air swirls relentlessly over this region and winds blow relentlessly across Slope Point’s terrain, forcing trees to bend over due to constant winds that blow across it; eventually these bent over tress become permanently bent over from their force – creating one of nature’s weirdest natural phenomenas!

Slope Point is the ideal spot for taking in New Zealand’s breathtaking South Island scenery and reflecting back on your time spent here. Stay at nearby Wainui-Makorori for a relaxing weekend getaway amidst scenic beaches and elegant homes.

Piha on New Zealand’s west coast provides another ideal venue for seaside romance. Just 45 minutes’ drive from Auckland, Piha is known for its black volcanic sand that draws many surfers as well as being an ideal spot for viewing blue penguins!

Muriwai Beach on New Zealand’s West Coast is another stunning beauty. Here, the black sand consists of fine volcanic lava with its distinctive texture. Popular surfing spots and home to an extensive Gannet colony make Muriwai an attractive location, as well as plenty of walking and hiking paths as well as restaurants and cafes to choose from.

Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga, known by Maori as Te Rerenga Wairua or “Leaping Place of Spirits,” is one of the holiest spots in New Zealand. According to Maori belief, Cape Reinga serves as an important gateway for spirits of those who have passed on, who depart via climbing up roots of an ancient pohutukawa tree and leaping off into the ocean en route to Hawaiki – their spiritual homeland in Hawaiki’s spiritual waters (Tasman Sea on one side) colliding here can create swirling currents or even surf waves reaching 10 metres high in stormy conditions!

Cape Wrath boasts an ominous lighthouse and dramatic views across two oceans, along with hiking trails and hidden coves of white sand beaches. Many visitors arrive here not only for cultural understanding, but also to experience its sights – like its incredible meeting of seas or its Te Paki sand dunes.

Kaitaia offers tours that make the most of its scenery, taking visitors up and over giant sand dunes in a 4WD bus, stopping at streams once considered sacred for washing off deceased during funeral rites, or those looking for adventure can opt to sandboard down them! For those with extra energy there are also opportunities for sandboarding down them instead!

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